Get Your Toothpick Crossbow Now

Powerful enough to break paper cartons, cans and even fight cockroaches.

Fits in one hand

Fits in one hand

Normally, a crossbow is so heavy that it requires two hands to operate. Not so with this one. You can hold the bow and fire the toothpick with just one hand pulling the trigger. Compare that to 12th century Europe where a heavy crossbow would require special systems for pulling the sinew via windlasses. You have it so easy.

Long range

You can fire the toothpick as far as 30-40 feet. That’s almost half the length of a bowling lane.

Long range
Cotton swab crossbows

Cheap, ample supply of ammo

Sure you can fire toothpicks, or god forbid needles, but you can also load it with cotton buds for a softer play time. In fact, using cotton buds in your ear is more dangerous. Cotton buds send thousands of kids to the ER every year. Put them in your mini crossbow instead. Your local armory – err, pharmacy – sells both toothpicks and cotton buds on the cheap.

Already banned in some countries

Toothpick crossbows are the new must-have item for schoolkids across China — and concerned parents and school officials aren’t having any of it. Though there have not yet been widespread reports of serious injuries, several cities have already banned them.

UPDATE: New Zealand has declared them banned now too.

Banned in China

One of the greatest weapons of the medieval era, miniaturized to fit in the palm of your hand

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